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Medical tourism

The great indian medical boom story continued in the small world of dentists and freshly minted MBAs. (Thats shubhangi and me btw) It was a different form of medical tourism that me and my better half embarked upon.
The opening show consisted of a dental checkup of my painful molar(number 16) at 6:30pm.
15 minutes later they asked me to return for a root canal treatment at 7:45pm. How would two young people of today spend this time in a clinic full of medical specialists? “Lets go check out the ENT dude”. 15 mins with the ENT dude presenting 101 ways in which I could get a heart attack. 15 minutes of window shopping at the physiotherapist . 15 minutes of checking out the latest preventive vaccine for cervical cancer. And we were good to go for the “procedure”. Pictures speak a thousand words. Below are my 10k words of grudge on a royal drain of cash.


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