SCRATegy: This is my take on a word that i genuinely love: STRATEGY.

A Strategy is a plan to achieve a goal. A strategy to win a battle; A strategy to tame that elusive examination; A strategy to earn riches beyond your wildest dreams. You see? These are all strategies to paint that big picture; to complete that central plot of this movie that is our life. Thats not what I am after. I am after the parallel story.

The hilarious extras dancing to the tunes of a Bollywood musical, the nondescript vegetable-vendor watching a terrorist-shootout being captured on national television: basically…the character/story behind the main plot. Now that’s interesting because it was not meant to be exactly that: interesting.

That brings us to “Scrat”. Anyone who has watched the animated movie series “Ice age” would remember distinctively the sight of the saber-toothed squirrel-rat (Scrat) obsessively finding a way to store its acorn. Scrat’s story is that of pure single-minded passion. Yet its goal is mundane (though the course of his quest is outright hilarious).  Ever wondered what ‘Scrat’ moments abound in our own lives? A completely different thread of our life’s story that we choose to ignore?

Well, that’s what I intend to capture here. The funny undertones to activities in our daily lives. Maybe a smart-ass comment here and there about a subtle concept of life we missed while sticking to our big life plan. This is what I call Scrategy: Scrat strategy. I now move ahead to try to pick up some ‘acorns’ of scrategic wisdom on the path ahead…”forward ho!”


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